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Residential Commercial Home Improvements Residential Commercial Home Improvements Automatic Door Lift offers a  bundle of choices in both  function and fashion. We offer a wide selection of  insulated and non-insulated commercial doors to fit your exact specifications. Whether you are looking for  interior or exterior work, our  professionals are here to help you decide what is right for you. Damage to your home or office requires a quick response. With  Automatic Door Lift Co. We are available 365 day a year. We are supplied by the best: Garage Door Company Residential Garage Doors Commercial Garage Doors Home Improvement Contact We fix broken springs

We replace springs on all types of garage doors, residential doors and commercial doors with fast and friendly same day service.

Automatic Garage Door Services:

An overhaul consists of replacing all the spring rollers and pulleys on the garage door. A single overhaul is for on door. If you have a two-door garage we offer a discount.

Overhaul your garage door

A tune-up consists of oiling all parts, moving parts, balancing the door by adjusting the spring, also adjusting the track if needed to make it safer.

Garage Door Tune-Ups